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GURDWARA SRI NANAK PIAO SAHIB is situated near Sabzi Mandi on the Grand Trunk Road Delhi. During the Sikander Lodhi reign SRI GURU NANAK SAHIB came here along with BHAI MARDANA JI. GURU SAHIB stooped here in a garden. This being a Grand Trunk Road a Highway for royal and ordinary travelers. To protect themselves from scorching heat and for rest after long journey travelers used to stay here in the garden. GURU SAHIB transformed a well into a midst of the garden into a piao sahib. Tired travelers used to get water and free Kitchen. Slowly steadily people from Delhi started visiting him. What ever offering were made, were distributed to poor & needy or in the GURU SAHIB’s Langar. Sadhus yogis used to come here and discuss with GURU SAHIB the various religious issues. Sikander Lodhi The Emperor, impressed with GURU SAHIBS personality, also visited here.

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